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Immediate Action Requested!! CAP-WIZ Alert

Posted on October 2, 2013 at 7:39 AM
Note:  The word "concerns" is misspelled in the CAP-WIZ subject line.  Please correct the spelling before forwarding the message to your legislator.  NASCOE will probably revise this soon, but please be aware to correct the typo until a correction is made to the CAP-WIZ template.  

 If you have never used CAP-WIZ, you will be amazed at how simple it is to use:

  • Follow the link.
  • Review the letter template that NASCOE has prepared for us. (Edit if you wish.)
  • Type your name and contact info.
  • CAP-WIZ will identify your legislators based upon your address.
  • Within a few clicks, your message -- OUR message -- will be en route to your legislators!
  • Strength in Numbers!!  Encourage all your fellow KASCOE members to take action on this CAP-WIZ Alert!

Message to all NASCOE Members:

Even in this darkest hour we have the opportunity to shine the brightest. Now it is more important than ever for each member to voice their concern and impact the legislative process. Your NASCOE leadership and legislative team are working to make sure that you have tools at your disposal to express to Congress how the recent government shutdown affected us.

We are asking that you send the attached letter (Letter is in the previous post) to your 3 members of congress letting them know exactly how the government shutdown is affecting us as employees, and our customers, all of whom are your constituents. Again, we ask that each NASCOE member email this letter to their 2 Senators and to their member of congress, either through CAP-WIZ or directly by email. We would also ask that each member call all three of their congressional representatives and use the attached alert as their talking points. You can find your members of congress’s contact information at www.house.gov andwww.senate.gov by doing a search by your home zip code. We ask that you report back to your state president and state legislative chair on what was discussed on the call so that we can take further action as needed.

Thank you
NASCOE Leadership

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