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Submit Awards Nominations Now for Upcoming SEA Rally

Posted on February 20, 2018 at 11:21 AM Comments comments (15)
Due to Kentucky hosting the 2018 South East Area Rally, KASCOE will not be hosting a state convention this year. The NASCOE South East Are Rally is right around the corner, April 11-14. Sick leave awards are available for the following:

  • 1,000 hours
  • 2,000 hours
  • 2,500 hours
  • 3,000 hours

You can submit the award online by visiting KASCOE.com and clicking on the awards section.  Submission of sick leave award deadline is October 7.  However, if you or the employee you are nominating will be retiring before this deadline or next year’s state convention please make the submission for the award by February 26, 2018 so that we may be able to present the employee with the award at the SEA Rally.

The Spirit of KASCOE Award is also available for submission.

The Spirit of KASCOE Award recognizes a member who has made outstanding contributions to the State Association.  Any member may submit a nomination.  The Executive Committee makes final selection of the award recipient.

HOW TO NOMINATE:  Spirit of KASCOE Award nominations shall be in a brief narrative format, and addressed and delivered to Katie Taylor. Written nominations may be submitted by email, mail, or in person.

Please contact Katie Taylor of New Castle with any questions or concerns you may have.

Shutdown update

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On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 8:21 AM Mike Mayfield <[email protected]> wrote:

This is the latest information from last night and this morning. Also, I have included the proposed communication methods during the furlough. Hopefully this will not last long and something will be worked out by Monday. We realize that membership will be extremely concerned and wanting current information as soon as possible. Please share information regularly with your membership and keep them in the loop with all we know. Please cc Dawn and me on all you communications sent to your state email tree. 

9:47 PM

This is the latest information from our legislative consultant Hunter Moorehead

Motion to invoke cloture fails.

At moment it is 50-48 (w/60 votes needed and 99 Senators present; Senator McCain absent).

‎YES votes (folks were following):







‎NO votes folks were following:








The Leader might move to amend the bill to the three weeks, Dems could offer their amendment, etc....All should fail.  

So....kinda/sorta unclear at the moment.

Government shutdown begins @ midnight.  

4:09 am

Senate just had a procedural vote on the motion to table the motion to refer with respect to the House message to accompany H.R.195, CHIP/One Month CR (this was a procedural vote that made space on the amendment tree for a date change amendment to be slotted in – CR funding until February 8, 2018).


Vote time is TBD (not tonight) on the Feb. 8 CR amendment (with CHIP and ACA tax delays).

Communication Tools

We will utilize the NASCOE database.  The link to the NASCOE database for those who have not already signed up for it.  Please distribute that link through your normal distribution methods to make that link available.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Tr6Dw-t0yG4XqGdX4yRwztR7sRX87VKOksIGrQYo-P0Information releases will be posted on the NASCOE webpage.  The follow button on the NASCOE webpage allows people to give their email address and click on the follow button.  Once that is done it will provide an email notification anytime the webpage is updated.We will post the information on the NASCOE News Facebook page.  Those of us on Facebook should be prepared to share any of the posts on our personal page. 

The NASCOE team will be working hard on behalf of all members during this furlough. 


Mike Mayfield

Retiree's luncheon - Nov. 2

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FanKASCOE retirees will meet on November 2 at Embassy Suites in Lexington, KY. Meeting will be at 10 a.m. with lunch to follow. Everyone is invited to attend. Overnight accommodations are available under group FanKASCOE by calling 859-455-5000. Joyce Logsdon asks that you let her know if you plan to attend - [email protected]

2017 NASCOE Convention Report

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Hello All,

My name is Katie Taylor, I am a PT in the New Castle Service Center and I recently attended the 2017 NASCOE National Convention as 1 of Kentucky's Delegates. These notes are just a summary of what was discussed at this years convention and the results of the elections that the state delegates voted on.

This was my first ever National Convention with NASCOE, I had an absolutely amazing and eye opening time. I encourage everyone who has never attended to one day do so, I know I will look forward to future conventions. If you have any questions for me feel free to contact me.

Katie Taylor

KASCOE certainly appreciates Katie's willingness to attend and provide such a valuable report back to the membership. 

Congratulations to KASCOE members elected into NASCOE Leadership

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News from the National Convention:

Dana McKinney will serve as NASCOE Programs Chairperson.

Micki Crider will serve as NASCOE Emblems Chairperson.

Dawn Ovesen will serve as SEA Alternate Exec.

KASCOE Directors Meeting

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KASCOE Directors will meet on Thursday, August 24, 2017, at the Elizabethtown Service Center at 4:30 ET.  Please plan to attend!

KASCOE Dues Year begins July 1

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As a reminder, KASCOE dues are payable July 1 of each year.

Submit to HR to have dues automatically withheld from each paycheck.
Submit dues annually to the KASCOE Secretary.


Retiree Luncheon

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There will be a retiree luncheon on Thursday, July 13, 2017, around 11:30 to noon at The Eating Table about 5 miles south of Tompkinsville, KY at 1272 Gamaliel Rd., Gamaliel, KY 42140.  Everone is invited to attend and enjoy fellowship with friends.  Please let Joyce Logsdon know if you plan to attend, so she can notify the restaurant to have adequate space set up.  The retirees plan to get a newsletter sent out soon, so direct any news to Joyce, as well.

2016 DSA Winners for Kentucky

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Lindsey New (left) was presented the Kentucky Distinguished Service Award for Kentucky for Service to NASCOE.

She was also the 2016 Southeast Area Winner.

Dana McKinney (right) won Kentucky's 2016 Distinguished Service Award for Service to FSA/Agriculture.

State-level plaques were presented at the April 27, 2017, KASCOE Directors Meeting.   

Summary of the April 27, 2017, Directors Meeting

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Official minutes will be posted at a later date when approved, but the following is an informal summary of the recent KASCOE Directors Meeting. 

  • Membership is currently 82% of permanent COF Employees.  Currently, there are 19 Associate Members. 
  • Scholarship Committee report resulted in two state scholarships being awarded.  The winners are Cheyenne Perry (Traditional), and Kassandra Hamilton (Open).
  • Because national scholarship program rules and categories have expanded over the past couple of years, it was evident that Kentucky needed to update our state-level policy.  For future years, the state will award one $500 Traditional Scholarship, one $250 Associate Scholarship, and consider other scholarship applications only if there is additional funding available.  As is currently policy for Traditional/Associate scholarships, Kentucky will follow NASCOE rules for any categories that are considered at the state level, in the future. 
  • Programs Report reflected 15 Programs Suggestions have been sent in this year from the Southeast Area, with 6 being from Kentucky.  All employees were encouraged to continue to utilize this process through the NASCOE website. 
  • Benefits Committee report announced that Holiday World is a new discount available to KASCOE members, with the discount code released in a 4/26/17 membership email. 
  • NAFEC Committee report included announcement that there are 29 COC members from Kentucky who participate in NAFEC, currently.  Coy extended appreciation for Debbie Wakefield having recently sent a state-wide email to COF's asking them to present the info to COCs.
  • Publicity report announced that the March Madness Bracket Challenge winners were Gidget Cropper, Jennifer Farmer, and Patricia Estes.
  • Dawn Ovesen gave a report from the SEA Rally.
  • Kenni Crane gave a Legislative Update and discussed the need to distribute the White Paper info that was recently sent out to members by KASCOE email to all federal legislators in the state.  There was a discussion that some had already been contacted, but all congressional offices need to receive the information.  It will be posted to the KASCOE website.
  • Convention Planning was discussed.  Participation in a State Convention has been down recently, so the Directors decided to forego a state convention this year, and plan to host the SEA rally in spring of 2018.  Preliminary ideas were to have in Lexington in April, in order to offer Keeneland as an activity to draw participants from the Area.