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Pay Dues by July 1

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The NASCOE Dues Year begins July 1.  Remit your 2018-2019 dues now by check, or submit form FSA-444 to HR for payroll withholding.  More info on our Membership Page

KASCOE Dues Year begins July 1

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As a reminder, KASCOE dues are payable July 1 of each year.

Submit to HR to have dues automatically withheld from each paycheck.
Submit dues annually to the KASCOE Secretary.


Summary of the April 27, 2017, Directors Meeting

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Official minutes will be posted at a later date when approved, but the following is an informal summary of the recent KASCOE Directors Meeting. 

  • Membership is currently 82% of permanent COF Employees.  Currently, there are 19 Associate Members. 
  • Scholarship Committee report resulted in two state scholarships being awarded.  The winners are Cheyenne Perry (Traditional), and Kassandra Hamilton (Open).
  • Because national scholarship program rules and categories have expanded over the past couple of years, it was evident that Kentucky needed to update our state-level policy.  For future years, the state will award one $500 Traditional Scholarship, one $250 Associate Scholarship, and consider other scholarship applications only if there is additional funding available.  As is currently policy for Traditional/Associate scholarships, Kentucky will follow NASCOE rules for any categories that are considered at the state level, in the future. 
  • Programs Report reflected 15 Programs Suggestions have been sent in this year from the Southeast Area, with 6 being from Kentucky.  All employees were encouraged to continue to utilize this process through the NASCOE website. 
  • Benefits Committee report announced that Holiday World is a new discount available to KASCOE members, with the discount code released in a 4/26/17 membership email. 
  • NAFEC Committee report included announcement that there are 29 COC members from Kentucky who participate in NAFEC, currently.  Coy extended appreciation for Debbie Wakefield having recently sent a state-wide email to COF's asking them to present the info to COCs.
  • Publicity report announced that the March Madness Bracket Challenge winners were Gidget Cropper, Jennifer Farmer, and Patricia Estes.
  • Dawn Ovesen gave a report from the SEA Rally.
  • Kenni Crane gave a Legislative Update and discussed the need to distribute the White Paper info that was recently sent out to members by KASCOE email to all federal legislators in the state.  There was a discussion that some had already been contacted, but all congressional offices need to receive the information.  It will be posted to the KASCOE website.
  • Convention Planning was discussed.  Participation in a State Convention has been down recently, so the Directors decided to forego a state convention this year, and plan to host the SEA rally in spring of 2018.  Preliminary ideas were to have in Lexington in April, in order to offer Keeneland as an activity to draw participants from the Area. 

Notes from KASCOE Directors' Meeting; Meeting with STC

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On February 17, 2016, KASCOE Directors met at Residence Inn in Lexington, KY.  Full minutes will be shared at a later date, when approved.  The following is an overview of items addressed.

  • Membership Report - We have 82% membership of all current COF employees.  Also, 19 Associate Members.

  • Scholarship Report:

4 Traditional and 2 Open scholarship applications were received -- all from deserving candidates!  Sufficient funds are available to award all applicants a scholarship.  The Directors voted to fund all 6.  Check back later on our Scholarship page for more info!

Kentucky will offer a $250 Scholarship to Associate Members' children/grandchildren beginning in 2017.  NASCOE will be offering a similar program, and Kentucky's will match those forthcoming rules.

  • Kentucky plans to send 2 representatives to a Legislative/Leadership Conference to be conducted by NASCOE.
  • A March Madness Bracket Challenge will be held again this year.
  • Members are invited to attend and help with the upcoming KACS Zone Meeting.
  • Kentucky will now offer Member Benefits of Kentucky Kingdom and Louisville Zoo discounts.
  • Dana McKinney will serve as Kentucky's delegate at the SEA Rally, April 6-9 at Savannah, Georgia.  Several members plan to attend.
  • 2016 National Convention will be in Cedar Rapids Iowa, August 3-6.
  • State Convention planning for 2016 is underway.
  • Director Elections will be held this year, in September. 
  • Follow-up to communications meeting at CRP training was discussed.  Marcinda indicated that the reports calendar remains a priority that she nearly has this completed to share with COF users.
  • A new NASCOE Emblems provider is being announced and is linked to NASCOE.org website.
  • 2 DSA Nominations have been submitted from Kentucky.
  • Kevin Whitaker was presented with the Spirit of KASCOE Award.

On February 18, 2016, KASCOE had opportunity to meet for about 1 hour with the STC, SED, AO, FPC, and Administrative Specialist, Mitch Dunn.  The following issues were addressed.

  • Appreciation expressed to STC for authority to hire many new employees over the past year.
  • We presented the need for additional Mesonet stations, particularly in StrikeForce Counties.  SED and FPC will follow-up with partners to discuss this. 
  • KASCOE requested the STC reconsider the decision that CED's are not authorized to attend the upcoming COC Orientation sessions.  Concerns noted were attendance of COC members expected to be less if carpooling with CED doesn't occur.  Also, CED's feel like it is important for them to hear the same information concerning administrative matters and appeals.  The STC/SED will give consideration to our request.
  • Need for retirement training was discussed.  All-PT meetings will include presentations from Mark Stivers.  KASCOE suggested that additional trainings for new employees, mid-career employees, and those near retirement be held.  The STO agreed to evaluate the possibility of this, and to look at putting out a Notice with recommended resources for employees to access concerning retirement. 
  • KASCOE presented a concern from the field regarding timely processing of COC members' applications that have to go before the STC for approval. 

Highlights from Directors Meeting

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KASCOE Directors met on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, in Elizabethtown.  Here are some highlights from the meeting:

2015 KASCOE/FanKASCOE Convention – FREE Registration!

Much of the meeting consisted of planning the upcoming Convention set for September 24 & 25 at Holiday Inn University Plaza in Bowling Green, KY.  The Directors recognized this year as an opportunity to celebrate our growing membership and encourage members to attend by making Convention registration FREE!  Also, a great room rate of $83/night was negotiated. 

The first day of the convention includes a tour of Jackson’s Orchard, Opening Session with remarks from our SED, NASCOE representative(s), a National Speaker, and a Benefits/Retirement presentation.  In the evening, there will be a Dance, Live Auction for Scholarship, and Hospitality Room. 

Friday will begin with a complimentary Rise-and-Shine Networking Breakfast, followed by a Q&A Panel with STO personnel, and then KASCOE’s Business session to wrap up the Convention.
To ensure you are able to get the group room rate, book your room by August 1.  Hotel Info is on the CONVENTION page.  Please submit the Registration Form by September 18, 2015.

Membership Report

Our current membership level is over 81%.  Help keep this number climbing by sharing information about KASCOE with new employees!

Dues Withholding Corrections

It was recently identified in a reconciliation of KASCOE dues that some members had incorrect payroll withholdings.  If this pertains to you, please take action to file an updated FSA-444 with HR.  Contact Dana McKinney if you have any questions.

Scholarship Report

The Directors extend our sincerest appreciation to all employees who have generously supported the Scholarship Program.  As a result of recent successful fundraisers, we were able to approve scholarships for ALL 7 applicants this year.  Stay tuned to KASCOE’s Scholarship page in the near future for details, including photos and bios of the winners.

Summer Activities

Our MEMBER SURVEY is ongoing through June 30.  If you have not taken the survey, please do so now!  Prize drawing on July 1.

The SUMMER SCAVENGER HUNT prize packages are growing by the day!  The Kentucky Tourism Grand Prize Package is currently valued at over $500, and the runner-up Kentucky Proud Package has a value of $300 and climbing, as donations continue to come in.  Check out the specifics on the scavenger hunt page.  Several photos have already been submitted.  Why don’t you snap some along your travels this summer, and join in the fun?! 

A selection of photos from the event will be incorporated into a KASCOE 2016 Calendar, which will be available for sale at the Convention, with proceeds to benefit the Scholarship Program.

Dues Year begins July 1

If you pay your dues annually, be reminded that the dues year begins July 1.  Forms are available HERE.

Awards Programs

Did you know that NASCOE recognizes employees with Awards for Distinguished Service, Professional Improvement, and Sick Leave hours accumulated?  Also, members and their children who go the Extra Mile in their community, church, jobs, and schools.

Information about NASCOE Awards is currently on the NASCOE website, and an Awards page is coming soon to KASCOE.com so you can easily nominate those deserving recognition. 

KASCOE is resuming the Spirit of KASCOE Award, and we encourage nominations be made through the KASCOE website ahead of the upcoming convention.

By-laws revision concerning Associate Directors

The Directors adopted a by-laws revision to ensure representation of retirees and current employees who are Associate Members by implementing two Associate Director ex-officio positions on the Board of Directors.  This will begin with the next election cycle. 

The FanKASCOE President will serve as the Retiree-Associate Director.  A process was established for current employees who are Associate Members to nominate and elect a Current Employee–Associate Director. 

The full text will be posted to the Documents page upon approval of the minutes of the meeting.  

Payroll Withholdings for KASCOE Dues are being corrected

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KASCOE has recently completed an audit of Assocation Dues Withheld report, as provided to us by NFC.  The audit identified that dues withholdings may not have been updated appropriately for all employee promotions.  Any employee impacted by this will receive a letter soon.  The following is an example.
Dear KASCOE Member:
Due to some recent changes, KASCOE Directors and Officers felt it was necessary to complete an audit of Association Dues Withheld reported monthly by NFC in comparison to current employee grade.
After completion of the audit it has been determined that dues are not being updated with employee promotions as they were in the past.  Submission of FSA-444 is required for increase.
If you are receiving this letter, you are one of a number of KASCOE members who are being asked to submit form FSA-444 to the KY STO ADM/HR in order to get your dues current to grade. The form has been enclosed for your convenience.  It may be mailed, faxed, or scanned/emailed when completed.
Dues Withholdings are figured as follows per pay period by Grade: 
                                    4          $1.80                           8          $3.60
                                    5          $2.25                           9          $4.05
                                    6          $2.70                           11        $4.95
                                    7          $3.15                           12        $5.40
The amount of association dues that are currently being reported for you are :         $_________
KASCOE/NASCOE is thankful for your continued support.  So much has been accomplished in the last year, and it is all because of employee support and participation!
Thank you in advance for promptly taking care of this matter.  If you have any questions, please contact Patti Karn or Dana McKinney.

100% DD Participation as Associate Members

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KASCOE is very pleased to have all four of our District Directors as Associate KASCOE members.  We appreciate your support of KASCOE's work on behalf Kentucky's FSA County Office Employees.
KASCOE members:  You can likewise support NADD by becoming an Associate Member.  Learn more HERE.
In our most recent Directors Meeting, DDs and KASCOE leadership voiced committment to working together, alongside other FSA organziations such as KACS and NAFEC, as we face issues of common concern.