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Notes from recent NASCOE Conference Call

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Find out the most up-to-date news about issues NASCOE is working on in your behalf.

Read the report HERE.

Office Structure plan now called SCS; Important info from NASCOE

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NASCOE has made available the following resources that describe where we're currently at on CBS, now referred to as SCS.  

Contact your Directors with questions, comments, or concerns.

KASCOE met with STO; Directors' Meeting scheduled for May 22

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KASCOE’s Executive Committee met with the SED and other STO staff on Monday, May 5, to discuss the proposed CBS Strategy.  While much is still to be learned about the proposal, KASCOE and STO staff both expressed awareness that continued partnership will be critical going forward in this process.  The STO is committed to involving employee organizations in future discussions and KASCOE will come to the table as a partner, identifying ways that we can all work together to ensure this process best-benefits our employees and the communities we serve.

KASCOE Directors will be meeting on Thursday, May 22, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. EDT, at the Elizabethtown Service Center.  Discussing further details of KASCOE’s position on the CBS Strategy will be an item on the agenda.  Please communicate with your Directors prior to the meeting, or feel welcome to attend the meeting in-person.  KASCOE is your organization, and it can best meet your needs when you communicate and take an active role! 

NASCOE letter to Management concerning CBS Strategy

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View the letter NASCOE submitted to DAFO concerning the proposed CBS strategy.  

NASCOE is hard at work for all employees.  Encourage membership and involvement from your fellow COF employees!

Members asked to respond to questions about proposed CBS Strategy

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On NASCOE conference call this afternoon, the following was discussed concerning the proposed future office structure concept, CBS, (central, branch, satellite) Office Strategy plan for FSA:
A Central office will house one manager and a minimum of three PTs.  The manager may be a CED or a FLM. 
o   Which would you prefer and why?
o   How do you feel about the possibility of 2 – 3 CEDs competing with an FLM for one manager position?
o   Keep in mind that, as a GS employee, FLMs would not answer to the COC.  How do you feel about it?
A Branch office will house 3 PTs with no full time supervisor.
o   A displaced CED could be placed in the branch office as a Chief PT with the possibility of retaining their pay grade.  
o   How do you feel about the possibility of a displaced CED working as a Chief PT in a branch office?
o   Do you think the displaced CED should have to interview with other eligible PTs before a Chief PT is chosen for the branch office?
Satellite offices would be open by appointment only.
o   We would still be paying for space to use by appointment only.  Do you think this is a good option?
o   Do you believe that Satellite offices would help or hurt our program involvement by producers?

It was recommended that if you are one of the 67% of FSA employees that will be eligible to retire in 5 years, learning farm loan shouldn’t be your top concern.   However, if you have a long future with the agency, you should request farm loan training.  

·         Do you think this is a good idea? 
·         Do you believe that will help or hurt you as the structure of the agency evolves?

Keeping in mind that this is just a concept and a plan for FSA, please understand that these changes could take effect as soon as the 2016 election is completed.   How do you feel about this as a possibility? 

Also, remember that contacting your representative is always important.  Without employees, software and proper training, the COF system will seem to have failed America’s farmers.  In actuality, focusing on the future of FSA, as opposed to the current FSA (that is trying to implement the Farm Bill without complete training and resources), will truly be the failure.

Please send your responses and thoughts to Coy Higdon and Travis Chick as soon as possible.  Feel free to discuss with your KASCOE director or officers, as well.  

CLICK HERE to submit your comments.

NASCOE Visits DC; discusses proposed office closures

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Message from Donny Green, Southeast Area Legislative Chair:

CLICK HERE for a summary of NASCOE's visit to DC this week. 

The above link will take you to the archived video of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee Hearing on FSA's FY15 Budget. This was a very revealing hearing and certainly should concern all of us and encourage us to become engaged with our grassroots efforts to develop and enhance relationships with our legislators at home. I hope each of you are working to get me your key contacts for our grassroots efforts that I sent you earlier this week. Remember, I need this information back no later than April 4. 

We should be proud of what NASCOE is doing and we should be optimistic about the news of the proposed 3.3% pay increase for federal employees under legislation proposed this week by Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA). Always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

Lastly, I hope everyone is making plans to attend the SEA Rally in Little Rock, Ark. April 9-14. I know the Arkansas bunch will be serving up some excellent hospitality and I have learned today that some DC Management folks will be in attendance and this should be an excellent opportunity to hear their responses to our concerns. I regret that I will not be able to attend due to some training schedule conflicts, but I Kevin Wooten, NASCOE Legislative Co-Chairperson, will be in attendance and will give everyone some legislative update reports. 

Thanks for all you do!  

Important documents posted to NASCOE.org concerning office closure and staffing reductions

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NASCOE has posted some important documents to the NASCOE.org website concerning the FY 2015 budget proposed by the President, as well as NASCOE's position on the proposed 250 office closures and staffing reductions suggested in the 2015 budget.  Please take a few minutes to check out the following links.  
New information posted to the NASCOE Website  

Important update from NASCOE President's visit to WDC

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Here are the Notes of last week's WDC trip from Mark VanHoose, NASCOE President.