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Notes from KASCOE Directors' Meeting; Meeting with STC

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On February 17, 2016, KASCOE Directors met at Residence Inn in Lexington, KY.  Full minutes will be shared at a later date, when approved.  The following is an overview of items addressed.

  • Membership Report - We have 82% membership of all current COF employees.  Also, 19 Associate Members.

  • Scholarship Report:

4 Traditional and 2 Open scholarship applications were received -- all from deserving candidates!  Sufficient funds are available to award all applicants a scholarship.  The Directors voted to fund all 6.  Check back later on our Scholarship page for more info!

Kentucky will offer a $250 Scholarship to Associate Members' children/grandchildren beginning in 2017.  NASCOE will be offering a similar program, and Kentucky's will match those forthcoming rules.

  • Kentucky plans to send 2 representatives to a Legislative/Leadership Conference to be conducted by NASCOE.
  • A March Madness Bracket Challenge will be held again this year.
  • Members are invited to attend and help with the upcoming KACS Zone Meeting.
  • Kentucky will now offer Member Benefits of Kentucky Kingdom and Louisville Zoo discounts.
  • Dana McKinney will serve as Kentucky's delegate at the SEA Rally, April 6-9 at Savannah, Georgia.  Several members plan to attend.
  • 2016 National Convention will be in Cedar Rapids Iowa, August 3-6.
  • State Convention planning for 2016 is underway.
  • Director Elections will be held this year, in September. 
  • Follow-up to communications meeting at CRP training was discussed.  Marcinda indicated that the reports calendar remains a priority that she nearly has this completed to share with COF users.
  • A new NASCOE Emblems provider is being announced and is linked to NASCOE.org website.
  • 2 DSA Nominations have been submitted from Kentucky.
  • Kevin Whitaker was presented with the Spirit of KASCOE Award.

On February 18, 2016, KASCOE had opportunity to meet for about 1 hour with the STC, SED, AO, FPC, and Administrative Specialist, Mitch Dunn.  The following issues were addressed.

  • Appreciation expressed to STC for authority to hire many new employees over the past year.
  • We presented the need for additional Mesonet stations, particularly in StrikeForce Counties.  SED and FPC will follow-up with partners to discuss this. 
  • KASCOE requested the STC reconsider the decision that CED's are not authorized to attend the upcoming COC Orientation sessions.  Concerns noted were attendance of COC members expected to be less if carpooling with CED doesn't occur.  Also, CED's feel like it is important for them to hear the same information concerning administrative matters and appeals.  The STC/SED will give consideration to our request.
  • Need for retirement training was discussed.  All-PT meetings will include presentations from Mark Stivers.  KASCOE suggested that additional trainings for new employees, mid-career employees, and those near retirement be held.  The STO agreed to evaluate the possibility of this, and to look at putting out a Notice with recommended resources for employees to access concerning retirement. 
  • KASCOE presented a concern from the field regarding timely processing of COC members' applications that have to go before the STC for approval. 

Legislative Update - Employees' Retirement Contributions Could Increase

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Concerned about potential increases in the amount you're required to contribute to your retirement?  

Read more HERE about legislative activity on this topic.

Dillard Financial Meeting at Versailles - Rescheduled

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Retirement Planning Sessions offered by KASCOE in partnership with Dillard Financial

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Meeting Reminder, Other Announcements

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Upcoming Meeting:  KASCOE Officers and Directors will meet with the SED and STC at 9 AM for an hour on Wednesday, December 10.   If you have issues or concerns that can be considered and discussed with management, now is the time to communicate those to your KASCOE Directors.   
Success Story: KASCOE President, Dana McKinney, recently shared this message with Directors, "FSA Feud!  I think everyone had a big time with this, and it allowed KASCOE to shine bright.  It also provided a great partnership opportunity for our association and the STO, and hopefully this will be the first of many.  Silent auction at the NAP training made $508.50, plus $63 or more in donations to scholarship.  Hospitality Room had a good turnout both nights." 
Save the Date:  KASCOE is coordinating retirement sessions with NASCOE benefits provider Dillard Financial.  Soon, flyers will be posted with all the information.  WEST meeting is FEB 7 in Hopkinsville.  EAST meeting is FEB 21 in Versailles.  Stay tuned for more information. 

Information for Retirees

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Recently retired CED Laura Howell was elected as Secretary of FanKASCOE at the association's recent meeting.  She has shared the minutes of that meeting an other useful links for retirees.  

Visit the RETIREES tab at KASCOE.com!

Change in Location/Time for J. Bratcher's Retirement Reception

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Due to potential unavailability of the previously reserved facility at Mammmoth Cave National Park, the location and time of the retirement reception for James Bratcher has been changed.

The retirement reception will be on Friday, October 4, 2013:

TJ Samson Health Pavillion
310 N. L. Rogers Wells Blvd.
Glasgow, KY 

Time: 6:00 CST

Please help distribute this information to any of your friends/co-workers who were planning to attend.  

New material on website for Retirees

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A "Retirees" tab has been added to our page, and information will be posted as it is shared by FanKASCOE.

Best Wishes to employees retiring this week!

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NASCOE President shares notes from VSIP Call with DAFO

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NASCOE President shares notes from VSIP Call with DAFO.

Posted to NASCOE.org or available HERE!